Something’s been bothering me about last nights Season Finale of Smallville. Actually, two things really. The first being this: What did Clark do differently to prevent his own death?? Sure, he was warned by the Legion he would die, but they never really said what he did because of that warning. Was it just the plan he made with the Justice League that did it? I mean, wouldn’t he have come up with that plan without the warning from the future?



So thats my first problem with last nights episode. The Second is: WHY DID CHLOE NOT USE HER POWERS TO SAVE JIMMY? She used them before in similiar situations to save people from dying, Why NOT Jimmy?? I mean she even used them to save Lex last season!! Why wouldn’t she use them to save her own husband?? She just watched him die in her arms! What’s up with that?

R.I.P Jimmy Olsen 🙁

Please get back to me on this one, Smallville Fans. I really need to know!


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