The re-appearance of Tori Spelling as Linda Lake in "Smallville" has been teased through a sneak peek. The show is currently taking a hiatus to come back on March 12th with the episode titled "Infamous".

Linda Lake comes back to Smallville and blackmails Clark to uncover his true identity. However Clark decides he will reveal his secret by himself and a fanatic teenager fakes a fall so Clark saves her. Stephen Lobo plays Randall Brady, the Daily Planet’s new City Editor.

The episode will also mark the reign of Lois and Clark. Executive producer Brian Peterson said, "Lois returns in a big way, as she finds her feelings for Clark increasingly rivaled by her quest to get closer to the enigmatic Red-Blue Blur."

Linda Lake first appeared in a 2007 episode where she is hired by Lex to gather information that would bring down Clark. She has the ability to turn to water which she uses to find saucy stories for The Daily Planet.



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