Get ready for some magic coming to Smallville!

Pulled from an actual DC character (not a meteor freak!) comes Zatanna! has since learned exclusively that Serinda Swan has landed the guest-star role





Swan will appear in this season’s 17th episode, "Hex," as Zatanna, a magician who grants birthday girl Chloe a wish. Having been through the wringer ever since Brainiac mind-boinked her and Doomsday crashed her wedding day, Chloe expresses a desire to lead the comparatively mild-mannered life of Lois Lane. Voilà! Chloe magically inhabits Lois’ (and thus Erica Durance’s) body for the bulk of the hour.

Clark is also granted a wish. But what could he possibly want for?

Swan’s previous TV credits include appearances on Supernatural (as a hospital receptionist in "Salvation") as well as a July 2008 episode of Psych.

I’ll say this for sure, she definitely has TWO BIG things in common with the original comic book character!! Yes thats right! Look at her eyes! They’re sparkling and beautiful just like Zatanna!


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