MK vs. DCU FAQ’s

There will be Fatalities, but those fatalities will not be gory, for example, no decapitations, and they may be renamed to something else instead of being called Fatalities. Also, Only MK characters and DC villains can perform "fatalities", while DC heroes, who don’t necessarily kill, will sport brutality like finishers that function like fatalities, but aren’t actually lethal to the opponent.

Ed Boon stated he fully intends to make the next MK an M-Rated game thats just MK. His intention is to have multiple franchises running side-by-side, the VS. games and the MK games to be released together. He stated this game was not his original intention, but his desire to make a crossover outweighed any drawbacks this game presented.

While there will be blood, the game will be rated "T", however, Midway is looking to push the "T" rating as close to "M" as possible without crossing the line.

Midway’s Marketing team knew people at DC and discussed it with them. When DC agreed, the idea was presented to Ed Boon who, after some deliberation, agreed to the idea. So it was Midway who began the crossover.

The storyline for the game will be written by comic book veterans Jimmy Palmotti (Monolith, 21 Down, Painkiller Jane) and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bludhaven, JLA Classified). The DC universe will take place in modern day. From this, I gather there will be no "future" characters like "V" from V for Vendetta.

The ending parts of the story mode is quoted as "MADNESS" with "EVERYONE".

A quote about the character selection process, from DC writer Jimmy Palmiotti: "I think it came down to a lot of people’s preferences of who would be the best character to put in what situation. We managed to sneak in a few that people won’t see coming".

According to Boon, both sides made a Top 20 list of characters, those lists were compared and characters were chosen based on populatiry, then the team looked at logical counterparts. Final character count is still at 20 kombatants, and Boon reaffirms that no new MK or DC characters will appear, and no oddballs like "Krypto the Superdog or crazy things like that"

MK vs DCU will feature a story mode from two different perspectives, one from the DC side, and one from the MK side. Ed Boon mentioned that the DC characters will see the MK characters as the invaders, and vice-versa.

The character count may be 22 characters total. 20 is the minimum expected. As before, half will be MK and half will be DC. Ed Boon said that the most "iconic" characters from MK and DC will appear. Equally, there will be various MK and DC arenas. Fighting arenas may be actual mergers of two arenas from both universes, like a combination of Shang Tsungs island and something from DC.

Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya, and Shang Tsung, have been confirmed for the MK side, and Batman, Flash, Superman, and Catwoman are confirmed for the DC side.

Comic Con will reveal 4 MORE CHARACTERS

A note about Superman, due to the universal merger storyline, he is weakened by the magic effects, making him a balanced character. One thing that is not known to some people is that Superman’s weakness is not limited to Kryptonite, he can also be weakened by magic.



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