The CW gave us the following description of the episode:


"Kara (Laura Vandervoort) desperately wants to make friends and fit in on Earth, but Clark (Tom Welling) tells her to keep a low profile until she can get her powers under control. Despite his warnings, when the ‘Miss Sweet Corn’ beauty pageant comes around, Kara signs up and meets the competition — Tyler (Eva Marcille), Carly (Elisa King) and Tempest (Christine Chatelain) — three meteor-infected vixens who plan to use their powers to steal a treasure map to the hidden Smallville time capsule. After Tyler witnesses Kara using her powers, the girls pretend to be her friends, but are really planning to use her for their devious plan."


Lex employs Dr. Curtis Knox (guest star Dean Cain) to cure the meteor-infected, and Chloe ends up a patient. Meanwhile, John Jones warns Clark that his cousin Kara should not be trusted.


We also found a "directors cut" clip of the episode included below:



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