Indie film director Matthew J. Pagoaga has recently completed work on a short film about Superman entitled "super." The official website for "super." offers the following synopsis of the film:

"super." is a comedy about relationships, self realization, and spandex. Exploring the prevalence of today’s comic book saturated media, "super." is about finding the superhero within all all of us.

The film centers around Craig who is a young man who lives alone and is obsessed with Superman. Secretly, he wears a Superman costume constantly underneath his clothes, and never takes it off. When, by chance, Craig meets Laurel, he must decide if he is willing to expose his true self to someone who truly cares, and let Laurel know about his secret compulsion.

"super." is available for viewing on Youtube via the following links:


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  All I can say is that these guys pretty much have me pegged! Except I do take off the costume to shower. Superman may be impervious to pain and harm but not to B.O.

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