To some fans, the Justice League is the pinnacle of the DC Comics franchise where the greatest comic-book legends unite in order to deliver justice wherever it is needed. But with the JLA making its way to the big screen, fans have been desperate to know if the project will have any connection to the pre-existing Batman and Superman franchises which are already hits at the box office.
It looks like there will be a few nods to those universes, but according to IESB, both Christian Bale and Brandon Routh are out of the running for the project and producers are looking towards a slightly younger team to take on the roles of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. And for the role of the corn-fed Kansas hero, the next big-screen Superman may be more familiar than fans expect.

“Smallville’s” own Tom Welling is said to be donning a cape and tights to finally bring his take on Superman to the big screen. And joining him will be some flashy motion capture effects for the One-Man Army Corps cyborgs.

“Yes that’s right, Tom Welling, TV’s Clark Kent, has been approached to take up the Superman role in the Justice League film,” the site said. “This has been a hope of ‘Smallville’ fans for years and all indications are that WB has finally heard the call.” has already contacted Welling’s agent in order to confirm the information but were immediately transferring to PR department of theatrical releases who refused to comment which has the site convinced of his involvement. Al Gough, executive producer for “Smallville” has flatly denied the story.

If the reports are true, it may mean some juggling of his current schedule for “Smallville” when the movie goes into production in April.

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